Litter Token

We pay people to take care of the planet.

Imagine a world where people are paid to do things that are GOOD for the planet?


Litter Token is a purpose-driven token that pays people to pick up litter. We're Pokemon Go for fighting climate change ♻️

When you join Litter Token, you’re actively co-creating a micro-economy that pays people to do things that heal the planet. This can look like picking up litter, planting something, restoring a coral reef, and so much more.

We're dedicated to building and creating sustainable communities. That means, Litter Token is completely community-run, community-funded, and community-owned. We're a global community of 100+ members spanning across Brazil, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Colombia, United States, Spain, and more.

Our Track Record

Distributed across the globe, the Litter Token community focuses exclusively on projects and activities that benefit the environment.

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What is Litter Token?

♻️ Litter Token ($LTK) is a cryptocurrency that pays people to pick up litter

🌳 We also pay people for other Earth-healing activities (like planting something or going on a hike)

How does Litter Token work?

🌱 Crowd-funding creates a pool of money that we can use to pay people for Earth-healing activities (like picking up litter!)

📸 People share pictures/videos picking up litter and we pay them by virtually sending them Litter Tokens

💸 Litter Tokens can then be exchanged for USD by holders of the tokens (right now 1 LTK = $1.50)

♻️ Litter Token will generate revenue from Earth-healing activities and re-invest back into the token🌴

For example, we recently purchased a Community Farm in Nigeria. We will use the money from selling crops to pay the farmers of the land AND to buy Litter Tokens so the price of the token goes up!

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